Somatic Psychotherapy  Somatic work is thorough, progressive and satisfying. Somatic psychotherapies are modalities which utilize the body's role in diagnostics, as well as the healing process itself. Somatics combines the realms of the body and the mind, which were never to be divided in the first place. Diagnostically speaking, working somatically means paying attention to the body. Heart rate, muscle tension, and the nature of one's breath are major indicators of what's happening in a person's emotional landscape. When you start tracking these things, you are organically placed on the path to vibrancy, because the body speaks in simple, clear terms. Somatic work takes you beyond the "why" into the "how."

Somatic work is ideal for those dealing with:
  • Anxiety (worry, fear, recurrent negative thoughts, chronic pain)
  • Depression (sadness, anger, low energy, low mood, insomnia, lack of motivation)
  • Gender and sexual struggles (exploration, intimacy, spirituality, coming out, gender reassignment and partner support, addiction, polyamory, trauma, aging)
  • Relationship issues
  • Major life transitions
Some parts of our psyches are only accessible through the body, and paying attention to the body brings deeper understanding and change.
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