About Somatics

Some parts of our psyches are only accessible through the body, and paying attention to the body brings deeper understanding and change.
Our senses hold much of the information that we seek. So much of how we experience the world is based in sensation, yet we are often focused on our thoughts. In somatics we use the wisdom of the body in the therapeutic process, both as a way of understanding ourselves and for moving forward. Heart rate, muscle tension, and the nature of one's breath are major indicators of what's happening in our emotional landscape. When this is where we give our attention, we can become embodied- the truest state of being out of our own way. In this way, somatic work takes you beyond the "why" into the "how." Because it is only when we know what we're feeling that we are able to act accordingly and meet our needs. The body offers what Don Hanlon Johnson calls "endless solutions for seemingly intractable problems."

About Heather

Heather Brewer, MFT Intern
Knowing since my teens that I wanted to work with people, I came to somatics therapy in particular through my background in dance. I believe that the body holds endless possibilities for experience and expression. I am sex-positive, and passionate about working with sexuality, gender, and neurodiversity.

In my practice I most often use Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Hakomi, and Gestalt, which I support with my intimate knowledge of psychodynamics. I earned my B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arizona, and my Masters in Clinical Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. I have worked with adults, couples, children, and groups in exploring issues including sexual and gender diversity and exploration, trauma, anxiety, depression, aging, neurological diversity, and racial and cultural issues. My modalities are based on humanistic, holistic, and feminist values and I am dedicated to working with my clients in a gentle, respectful and collaborative manner.