Private Couples Workshop

Evenings and Weekends

This one to three-day workshop is designed for couples who wish to strengthen their relationship through some short-term work that is direct, yet gentle. The course focuses on deepening understanding of each other, improving communication, and practicing new techniques for interacting with each other.

Because I specialize in sex positive work, couples for who this is a particular area of interest are invited to make this a place to talk about it.

Couples work takes a lot of courage and its payoff is huge.
Level I
Learn to identify and understand your primary dynamic, set clear and compassionate boundaries, and gain tools for implementing change using your relationship's strength and resources.
Level II
Deepen awareness of each other's underlying hurts and beliefs that shape your present experience, and learn to recognize your limiting pattern in the moment.
Level III
Implement new strategies real-time, develop tolerance of each other's emotions, and practice connection and closeness.
One level is explored per day. The cost is based on your combined income and ranges from $100-$150 for each day.

Assertiveness Training

Offered one on one, or in small groups.
Weekends 12:00-4:00pm

These are an absolute blast. I will guide you in learning to refind your confident sense of self, to communicate more effectively and to be more spontaneous and have fun. I combine mindfulness meditation training with effective communication strategies to give you tools for asserting, and just being, yourself.

The cost is $75 for the day.

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